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Our ORIGINALICE™ collection is specially designed for the ultimate workout in cold environments. The fabrics provide a unique feeling of softness and are made to optimize 360° movements . The clothing line is designed for comfort and functionality, will keep you dry and warm for the best performance.


ORIGINALPERFORMANCE ™ is the gear from your everyday workout to your toughest and most intense training.

The fabrics deliver a unique type of softness that can still wick sweat and are breathable. The ultimate gear for running and all around training that has a next to skin fit without squeeze. Makes you feel like you can perform at all times.


ORIGINALPADEL™ Is our technical line of apparel specially designed for Padel and racket sports, with fabrics made to optimize all movements and improve comfort and performance for the player.

The fiber dry-polyester fabrics are soft and easy to care for with a technical cut that moves with the player. It allows for the most intense wear, from practice to competition.